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November 08, 2010

Health Care Social Media Consulting Services

David Harlow is a leading authority on health care social media and the legal issues surrounding use of social media tactics by health care organizations.

He speaks before health care organizations' senior leadership to sensitize the c-suite and other executives to the power of social media and the need, in the face of federal health care legislation mandating greater patient engagement, to use these tools to engage -- safely -- with key constituencies, including current and future patients, affiliated providers and referral sources.  He is a charter member of the external Advisory Board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

Broader health care social media services provided by The Harlow Group LLC include:

  • Through a series of interviews and facilitated working group sessions with stakeholders
    • Identify strategic goals to be addressed by social media
    • Develop inward-facing and outward-facing policies and procedures that take into account
      • Legal and business considerations
      • Current social media “maturity” of the organization and anticipated growth
  • Identify specific tools, platforms and tactics to be used
  • Assist in obtaining all internal approvals necessary
  • Work with web designers and others to ensure that
    • All web properties are designed to satisfy the organization’s objectives
    • Adequate monitoring systems are put in place
  • Coach individual social media account “owners” before, during and after rollout
  • Facilitate discussions among stakeholders regarding revisions to policies and procedures

To schedule a speaking engagement, or to design a management retreat or other set of health care social media services, please feel free to contact us.

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Follow the link to receive a free copy of David's eBook on Health Care Social Media - Getting Started  Without Getting in Trouble.

For a sample presentation, see David's keynote at the 14th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference.