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June 08, 2012

HealthCamp DC and The Walking Gallery

HealthCamp DC and The Walking Gallery

If you could change any law or rule to improve frictionless sharing of health care information and health care generally for patients, what would you do?

Storified by David Harlow · Fri, Jun 08 2012 16:12:15

On Monday June 4, 2012 HealthCampDC took place at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health in DC, followed by an "installation" of The Walking Gallery.  I enjoyed the opportunity to spend a day engaged in terrific discussions about health care with folks I know virtually and "in real life" -- and to meet in person some folks who I've known on line for a while, all as part of DC Health Data and Innovation Week.
RT @tedeytan: My favorite sign is back! #hcdc @DCHealthWeek @ Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health Harlow
Sitting next to @EndoGoddess and @healthblawg at #hcdc while @ekivemark opens up for the dayAndre Blackman
After introductions, Hal Wolf from Kaiser Permanente gave a "Firestarter" talk to get the juices flowing.
Hal Wolf from KP - How do we handle the many-to-many conversation in #healthcare #hcdcDavid Harlow
New buzzword alert: #socialexhaust #hcdcDavid Harlow
#hcdc Hal Wolfe firestarting Scrimshire
@anitasamarth @Lygeia @SusannahFox @lostonroute66 @ekivemark we have come a long way. #Hcdc Eytan, MD
Love this. “@healthblawg: Members of #thewalkinggallery are docents of their lives. - @reginahollliday #hcdc”Trish Doherty
Emerging theme: how to motivate behavior change: If u build it will they come? (No.) 16K health apps - has it changed anything really? #hcdcDavid Harlow
We split into two groups to hear patient-focused and provider-focused "4x4"s -- four slides, four minutes, presenting current projects and current questions that presenters would like to have answered in the course of the day.  These were followed by agenda-setting and the breakout sessions.  Since I am putting this together a few days after the fact I cannot easily retrieve everyone's tweets about everything that took place at HealthCamp DC.  For the full picture, check out the HealthCamp DC tweet archive.    
RT @healthblawg: Rashomon of #Healthcare @2healthguru: Four peeps in same room w/ doc all 'hearing' diff things @grantverstandig #hcdcCasey Quinlan
I'll focus for a bit on the session that I led: "I Fought the Law ..." which was a free-ranging discussion kicked off by my question: What laws would you like to see changed in order to promote easier access to health data and better outcomes for patients? 
Great question! @healthblawg: What #laws need to change to make #healthcare better? #hcdc #TheWalkingGallery Dombrowski MD
Getting ready for @healthblawg's session at #hcdc on fighting law in healthcare. W/ @MightyCasey @fredtrotter @MsWZ & others. Lupus Advocate
at #hcdc hearing @healthblawg talk about #bbos (Big Brother Over Shoulder) in healthcare. Coloring inside the lines = adoption/progressCasey Quinlan
#hcdc the culture clash of law and legality and innovation with @healthblawg :)MsWZ
In @healthblawg's breakout session about what is legal in patient engagement innovation. @sunnykay brings up time issue for docs #hcdcAndre Blackman
A few other tidbits from here and there:
Heard @healthcampdc: If sensor and/or app is not tied to "why did this ahppen?" or "what can I do?" it is not helpful #hcdc #mHealthThe Doctor Weighs In
RT @healthblawg: "Health isn't just body fluids and brainwaves ... we need hi tech & also hi touch" #HCDC wrapupGregg Masters
"Wellness is social, health is private" Agree? #hcdcDavid Harlow
Now @paintmd reviews his breakout session #hcdc @ Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health Blackman
Which is more harmful paper Hacking vs. EMR Hacking= Which is worse?Black market health care record $18.00 Date of birth etc. #hcdcLisa Fields
For other Storfy takes on HealthCamp DC, see: Disruptive Women and: 
@s_eller @sdbj @healthblawg @Lilly_COI You've been quoted in my #Storify story "#TheWalkingGallery rocks at #hcdc!"
And some bloggage:
Awesome post MT @LAlexanderson was so excited after #hcdc yesterday, had to try to get as much down on "e-paper": Mary Andrawis
... including Ted Eytan's post on what he thought was the Best. HealthCamp. Ever.
RT @TiffanyAndLupus: "You can't build something for patients if you don't ask us what we patients want!" ~@kaitbr #hcdc #pwpTrish Doherty
“@tedeytan: #hcdc soon, #theWalkingGallery jackets will take over @kptotalhealth”MsWZ
I love this pic. “@kptotalhealth: Conversations continuing after breakout sessions completed. #hcdc #dchealth”Trish Doherty
RT @healthblawg: #theWalkingGallery on a Lego map of the USA. Yes, really. @ReginaHolliday at work #hcdc Permanente
Thanks @ekiveMark @HealthCampHQ @KPTotalHealth 4 #HCDC / Thanks to @ReginaHolliday 4 #TheWalkingGallery!!! Dombrowski MD
It's mini-me! on #theWalkingGallery on a Lego map of the USA #hcdc Harlow
Watching live video stream of HealthCamp DC right now! Thx @2healthguru for the heads up #hcdc Sevilla, MD
Many members of The Walking Gallery changed their Twitter avatars to images of their jackets for the week.  Here are some of them:
RT @HealthcareWen: #TheWalkingGallery COLLAGE Thanks to #health #advocacy #painter @ReginaHolliday #hcdc #healthdata #S4PM #ptsafety Total Health Ctr
RT @kptotalhealth: Wrap-up of HealthCamp DC and Walking Gallery—& 2 photo slide shows: #dchealth #hcdc #thewalkinggallery #healthdataDennis Cryer
After the "formal" HealthCamp unconference wound down, The Walking Gallery began -- with some topical musical entertainment and, of course, walking.
#thewalkinggallery a little raw video footage from yesterday #hcdc #healthdata Harlow
RT @HealthcareWen: "Give me my damn #data" by @RossMartin @ePatientDave @MightyCasey @motorcycle_guy @ACMImimi #TheWalkingGallery #hcdc
I look forward to continuing the conversation -- and the walk.  Please join us at HealthCamp Boston, September 14 - the day before the Medicine 2.0 conference.

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The Harlow Group LLC
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