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May 16, 2012

Health Law 2.0 Session at Health 2.0 Spring Fling - Boston

Health Law 2.0

The Health Law Session at Spring Fling 2012 - Health 2.0 Matchpoint Boston

Storified by David Harlow � Wed, May 16 2012 15:09:42

On Monday, May 14, 2012, The Health Law 2.0 session kicked off Health 2.0's Spring Fling in Boston. Some tweets from the session will give you a taste of the issues we discussed: telemedicine; fraud and abuse; privacy, security and data breach notification rules under HIPAA and HITECH; regulation of mobile health apps by the FDA and other agencies.  We packed a lot into a one-hour session and enjoyed engaging with the attendees on these issues.

First, the advance press:

David Harlow will be speaking during our special Health 2.0 Law session in Boston. First, he answers some... 2.0
And then the tweets from the session itself:
Getting started with Health Law 2.0 at #health2con. Ft @healthblawg. @boltyboy notes that startups don't always understand the rules/regs.Nate Osit
No PowerPoint slides in opening legal talk - gutsy move :) #Health2ConAccessMD
Patient initiatives- how do we reach patients who live in rural areas, have rare conditions, and others? #health2conNate Osit
Karie Rego kicks off Health Law 2.0 @ #health2con w quick overview of #telehealth issuesDavid Harlow
@healthblawg live tweeting while on the panel. Health 2.0 at its finest! #health2conNate Osit
When it comes to the law, prevention is the way to go. - Jack Eiferman #health2conHealthcare Heroes
Brian French of @NixonPeabodyLLP talks about the Antikickback Statute #health2conHealth 2.0
Rego gave an amazing case for the rarity of experts in the MD community, particularly in pediatric care. Huge motivator for us! #Health2ConAccessMD
Q- how can you incentivize without getting in trouble? A- Define purpose, avoid incentivizing HHS service utilization. #health2conNate Osit
More you can document up front, the better. Define mission, scope, services. Reduces risk. #health2con #healthlawForerun, Inc.
Health Law 2.0: Pay people to get better. Sounds good but fraud and abuse laws could make that challenging. #health2conHealthcare Heroes
HealthLaw2.0 takeaway - Document early, review federal safe-harbors, and review state laws #health2conChristopher Carter
David Harlow - medicine used to take place in the hospital ... Now it happens in your phone #Health2ConAccessMD
@healthblawg discussing regulation of mobile apps. Will FDA regulate apps, EHRs, mobile health space? Seems to be moving there. #health2conNate Osit
RT @NateOsit: Apps that connect/replace med devices may be subject to regulation or review by FDA. #health2conElin Silveous
RT @NateOsit: Got something new? That'll be 2 years and $2mil. Improving something? That'll be a couple hundred K and 6 months. #health2conHealth 2.0
Jack Eiferman: Is there a crosswalk that explains everything? The answer is no #health2conHealth 2.0
#health2con kickback statutes falsely named: it felonizes other industries' typical vendor-client relations (dinners out, etc) in some casesDon Fluckinger
#health2con #HIPAA Understand what kind of info you're handling: PHI vs PII (personally identifiable info) and neither (user generated)Don Fluckinger
RT @health2con: Rego: Work with companies that mirror your level of risk #health2conHealthcare Heroes
Dan Orenstein's tips: encrypt data, deidentify information, use a standard business associate agreement #health2conHealth 2.0
Even if you aren't hipaa-regulated, it can be a huge advantage to build as if you were #Health2ConAccessMD
@athenahealth resistant to encryption of data at rest. Worried about performance issues. #health2con #healthITNate Osit
#health2con Good health law panel. Succinct and informative.Joe Cross
Great session on Health 2.0 law! Summary- even if you're not covered by #HIPAA, act as though you are. #health2conForerun, Inc.
Standing room only in this pic! RT @healthblawg: Health Law 2.0 audience ... #health2con Sevilla, MD
We got some follow-up press as well, from the in-house organ and others ...
Health 2.0 Law: What is and isn't in writing. Recap of panel at #health2con | Health 2.0 News 2.0
Interesting RT @EHRIntel: What does safe harbor mean for health IT? #health2con #healthIT #healthLawColin Hung
Docs should be wary of anti-kickback laws when implementing HIT - FierceHealthIT: G. Self
For the rest of the tweetstream from the Health 2.0 Spring Fling: 
FROM THE BLOG Health 2.0 Spring Fling 2012 Tweetstream, Starting with Health Law 2.0 Harlow

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